Create a Soothing, Peaceful Home

Whether we live in a mansion, a cottage, an apartment, or a humble room, we can create a place of peace and relaxation—a shelter from the pressures outside.

A peaceful home is Calm. It is mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically relaxing. It is a respite from the world. "Respite" means "a place of rest and relief." We might create a soothing feeling with a bubbling fountain. It helps to clear any fussy, "functional" elements from our bedrooms, to make them visually restful. We can play soft music in our homes instead of the constant din of television. Or we might even try silence—what a thought! We can use at least one calming color in our dĂ©cor—think natural tones or "spa colors." If a brighter color is used, balance it with a calming one so there is always a place for the eyes to rest in peace. My dining room/kitchen walls are bright ruby red, but the adjacent walls are a soft buttery tone. Experiment with soft lighting, green plants, open space, photos of families—anything that helps you relax.

A peaceful home is also reasonably Clean. If we plan a "cleaning day" once a week, it’s easy to tidy up in short spurts throughout the week. Orderliness immediately puts us at ease. It’s easier to have a clean home if there is a place for everything, and today, with a myriad of containers available, it’s even fun to be organized.

For the Christian, a peaceful home is also Christ-centered. He is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6), and when he rules in our heart and reigns in our home, there is peace (Colossians 3:15a).

Creating a peaceful, well-ordered home is always a wise choice. Look at your home. Is it calm, clean, and Christ-centered? If not, what can you change—today?

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Maggie Johnson said...

Thank you for this encouragement! I'm about to get married and have been thinking about practical ways how I can make my home peaceful. Thank you!