Intentional Ministry in Marriage

From the biblical perspective, a wife is not called to manipulate or manage her husband, but rather to minister to him. Deb Kalmach wrote in Because I Said Forever: "In order to turn your marriage into a real ministry to your husband, you have to be intentional." While there are hundreds of books about women's roles in the home, there are four basic ways a wife can minister to her husband - through:

When my husband Bob slipped a wedding ring on my finger, it didn't suddenly turn me into a selfless woman. Bob often says, "It's not a matter of whether we are selfish or not - it's a matter of how selfish we are." When our honeymoon passed, I was still a loyal, supportive companion, but I suddenly realized that I'd have to be a lot more intentional in following his lead and meeting his needs - especially sexual ones!

Ministry in marriage doesn't just happen. A ministry called Revive Our Hearts offers a helpful tool that I recommend - a "30-Day Challenge" with proactive, practical advice for wives in encouraging their husbands (reviveourhearts.com - a printable download under "Resources"). If you are married, think of ways to be more intentional in ministering to your husband today. It's your choice, and it will make a difference.

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