'Normal' Eating

I can choose what I eat. Well, "duh!" But the truth is, while knowing that fact is good, acting wisely is crucial to my health.

J. Ron Eaker, MD, author of Fat Proof Your Family (Bethany House), opened my eyes to the foolishness of my "normal" eating patterns. "Normal," he says, is the typical American diet, which does not lead to health. "Normal" is supersized, fat-laden, gorge-according-to-your-feelings eating. Eaker's challenge is to think abnormally by the world's standards, and to instead follow the absolutes of the Word of God and make wise, healthy choices. When we fully embrace the reality of consequences, we're better armed to stop falling into the trap of the media-driven "distorted sense of normal."

We all compromise with nutrition. I once went through the grocery checkout with a stockpile of nutritious, low-fat, low-calorie foods...and three half-gallons of ice cream! As the grocery clerk scanned my items, she looked up at me and grinned as the ice cream approached. "For the kids," right? I turned red. She saw the inconsistency. The on-sale ice cream was my (sabotaging) reward for "being good." Who was I fooling?

Although the main meaning of Galatians 6:7-8 is spiritual, we do reap what we sow when it comes to nutrition. There are consequences; even if most of us don't want to deal with them until we hear, "Doctor's orders!" In Genesis 1, God created all things and declared them "good," so we have an incredible smorgasbord of healthy food choices. But God also expects us to be smart and to practice discipline, not gluttony. We must keep our bodies, the dwelling place of God’s Spirit, "blameless" (I Thessalonians 5:23-24) until Christ's return.

So … why be "normal"? Ask God to help you be abnormal when it comes to nutrition, so you can make wiser choices.

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Maggie Johnson said...

Dawn, Thanks for sharing your blog with us! I love how you communicate creatively and effectively. May the Lord continue to use you mightily for His glory!