Follow the Clues

"Dip your pen in your arteries and write!" William Allen White's directive always gets my creative juices rolling. The idea is, write what you know, and write with passion.

Janet Wong, featured in the O Magazine article, "Are You Listening to Your Life?" (January 2001), worked 60-hour weeks as a lawyer because she had to. Now she works 60-hour weeks because she wants to. She writes books with rich pictures and powerful words for children and young adults. "Throughout my life, the universe has been giving me clues," Wong said. "I just didn't see them."

I would rephrase that: "Throughout my life, God has been giving me clues." He created me on purpose and with a purpose, as He did you. We are most successful when we operate in conjunction with God's plans (Jeremiah 29:11). Clues can even surface in childhood. My oldest granddaughter, Megan, loves animals, zoos, and Sea World. Her room is a jungle (and I'm not saying she's messy). She toys with the idea of becoming a zookeeper or a veterinarian. Could these childhood clues predict her future?

It wouldn't be my passion, but my husband's sister, Jan, loves her job as a financial advisor. She says, "When you're exercising your passion, you experience the greatest amount of fulfillment with the least amount of frustration." Motivational expert John Maxwell wrote, "Find your passion and follow it. That is all the career advice you will ever need." Working in passion helps me look forward to Mondays, get more done, and do a better job. Passion is powerful.

If you do not have the luxury of working in your passion, you can still choose to use your unique gifts and strengths in your current job. God may engineer a change, so stay alert and follow the clues as He reveals them.

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