Our Anchor of Hope

The Word of God and the character of God are our greatest resources of hope. Christian hope is not a “hope so” matter. It is our confident expectation in the Lord. Though God is the source of hope, our choices of faith and action will help us keep our sense of God’s hope alive!

When early Christians buried their dead, they decorated some sarcophagi with an anchor, symbolizing their sure hope in the resurrection. A scripture that is often tied to this concept is Hebrews 6:19, which says, “Hold fast the hope set before us, which we have as the anchor for the soul.” An anchor is a picture of something held securely.

Believers are anchored in the scriptures (Titus 1:9), but also in God Himself (Psalm 71:5; 130:7; 119:81). The Jews looked forward to their Messiah, which Paul called “the hope of Israel”(Acts 28:20). Our hope of salvation is in Christ’s sacrifice for our sin (I Peter 1:21). He is our “hope of glory” (I Timothy 1:1; Colossians 1:27) and we look to His return as our “blessed hope” (Titus 2:13). Many scriptures reveal that our hope in God is also instrumental in healing, helping, and comforting us. Hope lifts our spirit (Psalm 42:5, 11) and strengthens our heart (Psalm 31:24).

Do these great truths encourage you as much as they encourage me? Why, then, do we keep this great anchor of hope to ourselves when the world is full of people who desperately need the grounding and stability that Christ secures? As I look toward Christmas, my prayer is that God will make me alert to those who need God’s hope, and that I will make the courageous choice to share and explain His hope clearly and with conviction. If you know Him, spread the message: Christ is our hope for salvation and for every need.

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