Letting God Choose

I stood at the kitchen counter recently with great longing, eyeing a big basket of Easter candy. I love chocolate. That and ice cream are the evil twins that destroy every weight loss plan, even the “you can have chocolate and ice cream on your diet” plan! I simply have no will power with those two “food groups”!

As I debated whether to take a Russell Stover truffle egg or a Hershey bunny, another voice entered the debate. “Will you let me choose for you?” Now my ministry is all about choices, so I had to listen to this intruder, but before I responded, I took another look at the basket. “Well, that won’t be any fun!” I replied, as I turned and walked to my desk. I tried to rationalize that the voice might mean that He’d choose the chocolate with the least number of calories, but I knew better. God’s Spirit was asking me to yield to His control, and I didn’t like it one bit. It’s easy to surrender some things. I can give God my music, my reading habits, my clothing, my family—all these things—because they are not my issues. I can give Him just about anything but chocolate and ice cream. They are my hold-out for fun and indulgence.

God’s Spirit nudged, “No, they are your hold-out for your own way. You are so self-willed.” Chocolate and ice cream aren’t the real issue. Some might debate the “goodness” of these two foods, but I believe that there are appropriate times for all foods like these—for celebrations, perhaps, but not for daily fare. I know that, but I continually choose against my better judgment. My waistline is clear evidence.

So when God asked that day, “Will you let me choose?” I knew that I had a decision to make. I said, “Yes, Lord.” Chocolate can be a stronghold as clearly as drugs, when it’s a point of surrender.

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Anonymous said...

That IS an appropriate picture. What a wonderful picture of our "choices."

We have the same desires: I love chocolate and ice cream, too. Love, M. Dub