Mother-like TLC

I love my mom, and I’ve grown to love my husband’s mother as my own. They are both valuable parts of my life, and I will grieve deeply when they are gone. Mothers touch us in our hearts as no one else can. Whether our mothers fail us miserably or help us reach our highest goals, we are connected to them by God, and He uses them to shape our lives.

I’ve talked to women whose mothers made hurtful, wrong choices. The effects of those choices linger in their grown children today. Powerful choices are necessary to compensate for the loss and damage they feel, and they pray for an understanding heart and forgiving spirit. On the other hand, I’ve observed women whose mothers built character into their lives, speaking vision and hope into their hearts with purpose and love. Her children can’t help but praise her (Proverbs 31:28). What a legacy!

We do not have to experience hurtful consequences in order to learn about life. While traveling with a revival ministry in my 20s, I stayed in homes each week and wrote down what I observed in the mothers’ lives. There were many behaviors that I knew I wanted to practice someday, and some behaviors that I definitely wanted to avoid. This journaling helped me immensely as I raised my two sons because I chose to take “mothering” seriously.

One of the most surprising truths I’ve ever discovered in the Bible is that my Heavenly Father is also mother-like. We see this mother imagery in Isaiah 66:13 in relation to God comforting Israel. While I want to be careful here—I do not espouse the “Mother God” of New Age or feminist teachings—the truth is, when I consider all the love, training, and protective care in the word “mother,” I realize that God is that to me, and much more. So, as I honor my two mothers this year, I am also going to take time to thank God for his TLC (tender loving care). He has touched my heart and shaped my life.

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