No ''Off Button''

Bailey, my Parsons Jack Russell Terrier, has only one speed. He’s supersonic. Although he is a bit of a runt, his presence is huge in our home. A few times a day, as I type at the computer, he stands next to my chair and “bops” my right hand off the keyboard, eager for play. His favorite game is “shovel time.” I bury the head of a huge farmer’s shovel in a dirt pile on the side of our house, and he digs it up, whining the whole time. Then he grabs the shovel head in his teeth and drags it around the yard, whining and snorting, begging me to bury it again. I’m something of a Bailey myself. From morning to night I’m typically a whirlwind of activity. My mind never stops racing. Unlike “Bales,” I do have an off button (somewhere near my panic button), but I never seem to press it until I’m exhausted.

I know that God wants something better for me, so I’m learning to pull aside for short rests, retreating to His calming presence (Matthew 11:28). Knowing that Jesus did only what the Father asked Him to do has helped me, too. I make a wise choice when I follow Jesus’ example.

His words, “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden,” is a choice; and his words, “I will give you rest” is His promise. Rest comes through many channels: quiet time with the Lord and meditation in His Word, spontaneous and planned prayer, walks in His creation, and moments when I simply stop to praise Him and count my many blessings.

It’s strange, but often, when Bailey wants playtime, it coincides with my own need to take a break. I’ve been working for six straight hours now, and Bailey is once again bopping my hand. OK, Bales ... race you to the shovel!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Dawn:

This is such a good example of taking time out, especially when one's mind races, but the body simply cannot keep up. We constantly have to make the choice of where to set our priorities when we look at our calendar. On the opposite side of rushing to the "shovel" as Bales will, there are many things we can do and many places we can travel, but not ALL AT ONCE! Like the discipline "Bales" learns, we just don't "dig the shovel up" when our Father God tells us to stay put. "Choices"