My Other Dad

One of the best choices I ever made was to invite my husband’s Father into my life. It wasn’t simply a matter of a new Dad-by-marriage, but rather, a new Dad to love. Bob’s dad has befriended, accepted, and loved me, including me with his beautiful daughters and talented sons. He has listened to my struggles in life and advised me wisely. I deeply miss my own dad, but my other dad has been a rock in my life for nearly 34 years. He is always there, praying and caring. He’s a family man, a Navy man, and God’s man.

When I read or hear about someone having “in-law problems,” I grieve, knowing how much that person is missing. In-laws are added wealth, and I’m not talking about money. They are a treasure of knowledge and strength in an otherwise confusing and frustrating world. Dad Wilson is such a treasure.

I’ve learned through the years that the ''in-law'' situation is simply one choice after another, because there is so much room for misunderstanding when two families blend. Because Dad and Mom Wilson made room in their hearts for me, I’m learning how to open my heart wider to love and bless my own two daughters-in-law. I have a godly example of patience and creative love.

Leviticus 19:32 says we are to honor those with a gray head, and Job 12:12 explains why: ''Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days.'' I treasure the wisdom in my in-laws, especially their choice to fear the Lord, which is the beginning of all wisdom.

If you are struggling with a choice to love an in-law, let me encourage you that passing on a legacy of love is a process, so listen and learn. Be patient. Honor them at every opportunity. A close relationship may not always be easy, but it’s so worthwhile.

As Mom Wilson first taught me, we are really ''in-loves,'' not in-laws. I’m so glad that they made the choice on a hot summer day in July to love me and call me ''daughter.''


Arlene Pellicane said...

My mother-in-law has also referred to me as her daughter-in-love, which I found so touching. God has also blessed me with terrific in-laws - thanks for your great post!

Anonymous said...

Dearest daughter-in-love:

It is late on the Saturday night before Sunday and Father's Day. Dad asked me to read your blog on my computer,and having just now read what was written,it brought us both to tears. The first thing we said is: "Thank you, Lord."

God chose you, our son chose you, and we chose to love you like own two daughters who also love you. The love of God never fails when it shines through those who love Him.

Dad is honored; we are both blessed. Thank you. From Mom & Dad Wilson

Robin said...

Dawn, What a beautiful and touching "Heart Choice" of words -- so especially fitting on this Father's Day. Mom and Dad were both blessed with open hearts and open arms for our friends and then later on for the spouses that God would bring into our lives. We are blessed to call you "Sister" and treasure the place you hold in our family's life. We thank you for your love, your creativity, your humor, and the sharing of your gifts that make our family complete! Thank you for your tribute of love and sharing your heart in this message!

Your Sis-In-Love, Robin