Perpetual Heritage

Grandma Dorothy made the best Scotch-Irish Potato Soup with Egg Rivels (stringy dumplings). When I saw this odd heart-shaped photo, it reminded me of how much I love this rich, creamy soup. I’m so thankful that Grandma shared the recipe with me, so I can pass it down to my sons and their wives. When my sons were married, I gave both of their wives the “Wilson Family Cookbook,” chocked full of recipes—many that my sons loved.

Passing on recipes is more than the recipes themselves; it’s all about preserving the traditions of a family. Grandma’s potato soup recipe isn’t about the humble spud. It’s about the memories we shared as I watched her make it, and the warmth I felt as we shared it around the table. I’m glad she didn’t hoard her recipes. It was such a wonderful, loving choice.

I was in a home recently where the woman knew something about treasuring her heritage. She had framed a handwritten family recipe and hung it on her kitchen wall. It was preserved for all of the family to enjoy for many years to come. I loved the idea!

Another good choice is to pass on the truth about your faith. Both of my grandmothers and grandfathers gave testimony to their faith in Jesus Christ. We knew they loved the Lord. I want my sons to know that I love Him, too. I’m praying that they will grow in their relationship with God and pass that heritage on to my granddaughters. My desire is that we create a perpetual godly heritage. I want to be sure that we all take occasional “time outs” to remind each other that there is more to life than here and now. Life passes so quickly. The heritage we leave is built upon our choices today.

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