Choose God

Dr. James MacDonald is a man after my own heart. Let me rephrase that. He is a man after God’s own heart, but I sure like what he says! In his new book, 10 Choices: A Proven Plan to Change Your Life Forever (Thomas Nelson, 2008), MacDonald deals with five areas of choice—our identity choices, authority choices, capacity choices, priority choices, and destiny choices. With the heart of a pastor and the skill of a wise counselor, he leads readers to examine their choices in the light of God’s Word, and challenges them to stand for truth.

My favorite part of the book is on page 5, where MacDonald says, “Let’s go for the summa cum laude of choices, the absolute, mind bending, life altering choice (drum roll, please): Choose God.” That’s where it all begins and ends. Life is all about Him. It originated in Him. It’s to be lived for Him.

No matter my dreams or goals—no matter my agenda—every aspiration must bow to His purposes. My passion is to make wise, biblical choices and to help others do so, too, but without God stirring in my heart, I’d have no desire to choose Him or choose to live for Him. That humbles me. It fills my heart with gratitude.

God chose me (John 15:16). And I choose Him.

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