Giving Thanks - for Jury Duty

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in a jury “quiet room.” As assortment of people are filing into an adjacent room to fulfill their civic duty. I’m always divided concerning jury duty. On the one hand, it is an intrusion into my schedule; on the other hand, it is a blessing of our system of government. Our rights and privileges far outweigh our duties. As Americans, we have privileges that other nations do not. Trial by a jury or our peers is a citizen’s right and blessing, and the system won’t work without our involvement. “We the people” is as powerful a force today as when those words were first drafted.

I am thankful for this blessing and many others in my country. My country—just the sound of those words stirs feelings of patriotism and appreciation. I am thankful for those who have died to keep America free and Democracy alive. I am thankful for farmers who grow our food on fertile fields. I am thankful for those who protect us—the military, policemen, and firemen. I am thankful for those who lead us—government officials and pastors—especially those who lead with integrity and base their wisdom in biblical truth. I am thankful for teachers who guide our children into righteousness and godly character. I am thankful for those who give and serve, to make America strong. I am thankful for a family that loves God.

My country—this “sweet land of liberty”—is what she is because of her people. But more than that, America is a beacon of freedom because she was rooted and grounded in God. He shed His favor on this land because it was founded on the principles of scripture. Modern liberals can and will deny this, of course, but the fingerprints of God are all over America’s creation.

As I sit her waiting for the jury selection process to begin, I’m glad I have time to thank God for my blessings as an American. In God we trust is on our money. May we choose to keep this truth in our hearts.

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