Adventure Zone!

Hannah Whitall Smith, a 19th century Quaker author, wrote, “Dear friend, I make the glad announcement to thee that the Lord is in thy heart. Since the day of thy conversion He has been dwelling there, but thou hast lived on in ignorance of it.” When I read these words, I reflected on their convicting truth. How different would my life be, I thought, if I could live in full awareness of God’s presence, love, direction, and power? What an adventure!

I read Smith’s words in a devotional, Asleep in the Land of Nod by David Butts. The devotional’s purpose is to awaken the Church and prepare it for the touch of God in revival. The author wrote, “We abstractly ask ourselves, ‘What would Jesus do?’ but what changes would occur if we directly asked our indwelling Lord, ‘Jesus, what are you doing?’” Dr. David Jeremiah, pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, often challenges his congregation to find out what God is doing, and then to “get on board.” Dr. Jeremiah is passionate about believers pursuing God’s purposes and living out the adventures God has prepared for them. We should never be afraid of God’s “Adventure Zone”—after all, that’s where the true fun of our journey lies.

God’s Spirit indwells us and He desires to work in and through us every moment of the day. Satan wants to obscure that fact and distract us. The reality is that God’s presence is not only a promise; it is a powerful motivator. In Him, we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28). It is Christ in us, “the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27) that animates our journey. As we choose to follow Him wholeheartedly, we experience His bountiful blessings.

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