Finishing Well, Like Jesus

As December came to a close, I stopped to evaluate all that had been accomplished in 2008. Back in January of 2007, I knew I wanted to arrive at December, finishing well. I’ve discovered through the years that those who want to finish well will start well and then keep on plugging away to a strong finish.

Jesus said, “It is finished” (John 19:30), knowing He had accomplished the Father’s will. He finished well because He lived well and with purpose.

Jesus knew why He came to earth. He said His “meat” — what sustained Him — was to do the will of the Father who sent Him and to finish His work (John 4:34; John 5:30b). He stayed in close contact with the Father and received His marching orders early in the day (Mark 1:35-39), because His heart’s desire was to please the Father (John 8:29) and He knew that the secret of obeying was in abiding. He focused on God’s long-term purposes to evaluate His daily activities, and didn’t cave in to others’ expectations. He identified His own will with the Father’s in complete, joyful surrender. He knew when to act and when to say “no” to things that did not fit in with the Father’s plan for each day (Mark 1:38). And Jesus persevered; He didn’t stop until He accomplished all that the Father had sent Him to do.

Jesus’ example is a model for me as I think about finishing well. I long to someday hear the words, “Well done, Faithful Servant!” So there are many choices to make before then. It’s all about pursuing God, living with the end purpose clearly in view, and persevering with wisdom and courage until the job gets done.

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