Lesson from a Car Show

As my husband and I walked the floor of the huge auto show in downtown San Diego, recently, my eyes always seemed to drift toward the red convertibles. I even had my husband take a photo of me, waving from one. Dreaming about—or possibly, lusting over—a new car, I asked my husband a lot of questions. They all boiled down to one basic thought: "Would this be a good fit for us?"

We checked out luxury models, classic sedans, and study family cars. We sat in gas hogs and eco-friendly hybrids. "Where are we in our lives right now," I asked? "Would this luscious two-seater be practical—where would we put the grandkids? Would this one drain our gasoline funds? Would that one hold up? Can we afford this one?" We didn’t buy one, but we sure left with a lot of car brochures in our sturdy Toyota car-show bag!

All the way home, I thought more about that question, "Would this be a good fit for us?" Suddenly, I realized I’ve been asking myself that question all of my Christian life. I see something I want, or someone asks me to participate in a certain activity, and I ask, "Does this make sense for me, as a Christian, or is it outside the parameters of a close walk with God?" I have great freedom in Christ, but some things just don’t fit in, if I want to be used for His kingdom.

I remember reading an article titled "Others May ... You cannot" by W. B. Howard. One line, especially, grabbed my heart: "... in many ways He will seem to let other good people do things which He will not let you do."

Does that mean I can’t get a red-hot convertible? No. It just means that I need to be sure God wants me to get a red-hot convertible, and if so, I’d better be sure of His timing. As a Christ-follower, my choices need to align with His will.


Renee Johnson said...

Great post! I posted about 60 pictures from the car show myself :-)

One day closer to His coming said...

That's good, a couple months ago I just knew God was going to give me a black Catalac - when it didn't come I was very happy, I was just mixed up on his will. I'm still driving this little Dodge saturn and happy when I drive by people at a bus stop.

Dawn Wilson said...

Great to see you here, Shelby! I've always wanted a red convertible. (or silver or blue) ... I've heard that the police notice red convertibles more ... but I guess that would just make me a safer driver!