Celebrating a President

We’ve gone from celebrating Washington’s birthday (February 22nd) and Lincoln’s birthday (February 12th)—even though Lincoln’s birthday was never a federal holiday—to Presidents Day, which is the third Monday in February. The newest trend is to celebrate additional Presidents on that day. For example, in Massachusetts, while the state officially celebrates the birth of the Revolutionary War General, Washington, the Massachusetts governor also honors presidents who come from that state: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John F. Kennedy, and Calvin Coolidge (born elsewhere but spending most of his political career there.)

For some reason, the state does not celebrate the birth of Massachusetts-born George H. W. Bush. No matter our political persuasion, the Presidency is a tough, thankless task. I did not support President Obama for office, but I wish him safety and I pray God will work in his heart (1 Timothy 2:1-2). He promised change for America, but the truth is, it’s not the change most of us want.

I wonder whether our nation will ever honor America’s 46th President, George W. Bush. He was not a perfect President; his flaws were evident because he was a highly transparent individual. He made tough, often unpopular decisions. Even his own party questioned his judgment at times. But like his father, he is an entirely caring, decent man—comfortable in his own skin—and he stayed true to himself, his family, his nation, and his God. I pray that history will deal well with this man who loves liberty and held out so much promise, yet suffered under such stress, misunderstanding, and condemnation. Thank you, Mr. President.


Anonymous said...

I thought about the coming day... and was dreading the moment as the change came. i cried but; not in tears for our new presdient but for one man that stood strong for change in America. He was a man that lead our country and belived in America and our GOD whom created it and gave that back in a humble heart surrending his life for him so America could see this in a real role model.As we move into our future I pray for America and our new president to keep it safe for the end times and signs will be revealed thru it. My pray is for America eyes to be open & wise to continue to make right choices and stand firm. May the LORD... say well done faithful servant you served me well. Yes; Mr Bush we are not perfect for we all are of flesh (sin) but, really greatful for your service you given in this troubled land here in America.GOD BLESS YOU... in whatever our LORD has planned for rest of your life in a new journey. Thankyou, sis for your love expressed in a great man whom our LORD loved and cared for.He will always be remembered on President Day in my heart forever! PAMELA :)

Lady-in-the-Making said...

An excellent and beautiful post! Tank you so much for expressing this so eloquently!