Incomplete Pictures

I took forever to join Facebook. What lured me in was the desire to see some of my family’s photos. Since I’ve joined, I’ve seen a different side of some of my relatives in funny, quirky, surprising, sweet, and touching photos. The pictures are rounding out my idea of who these people really are! I’ve laughed and laughed. It’s a great adventure, getting to see these other sides.

That’s exactly how I feel about God. Almost every time I dig into the Word of God, I see some new “snapshot” of His character or His ways. Sometimes I’m surprised; sometimes I simply sit in awe. I feel like I understand so little about my Father, even though I’ve been His child for 37 years. I’ve studied theology and apologetics, but that’s not the same as intimate knowledge of the Holy One. I understand the longing of the apostle Paul to simply know the Lord (Philippians 3:8, 10).

I wonder how many incomplete pictures I have of Him. Oh, I know that we can never completely know the Father this side of heaven; but I wonder if there’s something that God has revealed that I’ve missed because I didn’t pay attention. Or maybe, as Oswald Chambers said, in Utmost for His Highest, my vision of God may be distorted because I’ve gazed too long at idols. The idols may be my work, my family, my goals, or even myself. When God’s people were blinded by idols in Isaiah’s day, they could not visualize God clearly. Isaiah invited them to look toward the heavens for a fresh snapshot of God. “Lift up your eyes on high,” Isaiah said, “and see Who has created these things” (Isaiah 40:26). In other words, deliberately focus on God and what He has done, if you want to know Who He is.

I want a more complete picture of God. He gave us His Word so we will get to know Him better, and He will expand our understanding and appreciation of Him. We see His power and majesty in the story of creation. We see Him at work in the stories of Jonah, Daniel, David, Moses, Ruth, and so many others.

My grandma Lillian once said she wanted to get so familiar with God through her studies in the Bible that she’d feel like there were few surprises when she meets Him in heaven. In other words, a more complete picture of God equals the potential for deeper intimacy with Him.


Shelley Thompson said...

oh, Dawn, you say it so well. I agree. Having just done two memorial services this past week I am reminded just how quickly I could be in eternity with God and how much I know about Him but yet how much I still have to learn. I am so eager to learn her on earth just think what it will be like in person in Heaven. What joy that will be.
Thanks for sharing and I too am loving facebook for the connections even if they are brief. What a wonderful way to share our faith with our friends.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful! Just what a I needed to read about on this lovely Sunday morning!

Blessings to yout his very day. Thank you for sharing... God is indeed good!


Dawn Wilson said...

Thank you, Rebecca ... and welcome to my blog--Heart Choices Today. I loved reading your profile. You have such an interesting life. I wish I had some "snippets" of old lace to send to you, but my Grandma used them all to make beautiful things.

April Motl said...

Hey Dawn! Great post! And congratulations on the bk deal- praise God! See you at coi :)

Miss Jocelyn said...

That was a very interesting post. Something to think about. I just got off of FB but I did enjoy getting to see the other side of people as well. What a wonderful example of getting to the LORD. Thank you!

And, thank you for stopping by. It was nice meeting you and I hope to getting to know you further.