My Little Hummingbird

My friend Corrie Bush told me her story, and touched my heart. I share it here with her permission. Molested as a child, Corrie grew up in fear and a desire to run from life. She ran to the streets and into the arms of strangers, drugs, and drink. She stopped using drugs at the age of 17, but alcohol still had a grip on her life when she met her husband at the age of 21. She knew that, as a drunk, she could not lead her husband to Christ. She stopped drinking and began a long, painful process of healing from the scars of her life. Overwhelmed by God’s love, she surrendered to serve Him, yet scars remained that reminded her of the old drive to run away. Eventually, physical problems slowed her down enough to listen to God.

In the midst of this learning process, Corrie continually saw hummingbirds. Everywhere she went, she saw the little creatures—while in Arizona visiting a sister, at the lake walking with a friend, at church, and at home.

Hummingbirds can perch, but they don’t walk. They also don’t flap their wings. They actually fly with their “hands,” moving their wrist bones instead of the shoulder bones at 38-78 strokes per second. They scurry around in all directions, rotating 180 degrees. Their resting heartbeat is 480 beats per minute, but their heats can beat as high as 1,260 times per second when they’re excited! Just thinking about that makes me tired!

Sometimes hummingbirds simply need to perch for a while. Corrie told me, “Hummingbirds remind me of how desperate I am for rest—how desperate I am for my Maker to still my heart.” She hears God speaking: “Be still, my little hummingbird.” Oh how I needed to hear that, the day Corrie told me her story. I was scurrying around doing many (many!) good things, but I was worn out and tired from deadlines and responsibilities. It was as if God was saying, “Perch and rest, and you’ll accomplish more in a little while.”
I think I need a picture or a statue of a hummingbird near my desk, to remind me of this very wise choice.


Rebecca said...

Precious story of God's love and redemption!

I'm so thankful that my own personal scars are more than just a reminder of my past sufferings...they also remind me that I'm healed!

Praise God!

Blessings to you...Rebecca

dawn wilson said...

The funny thing is that I am a Dawn Michelle Wilson. There are so many Dawn Marie's that they put that on my HS diploma and I had to have it changed. ha! I have actually seen your site before. Thanks for stopping by!!


Anonymous said...

This story has spoken into my life. I see hummingbirds everywhere I go too. I've always wondered what God was trying to tell me. I get a wonderful sense of peace when one comes close to me. God has had then stay put inches beside me, bring flowers to my window as a child, tapping the window to wake me up, swirl in the air for me to see, and I've always wondered.
I thank God for you telling me this story. My life is exactly like
this womans. At the moment I am at the quiting part of drugs and alcohol... If you only knew how much God used this blog to speak to me and calm my spirit.
Thank you for being a faithful servant.

Dawn Wilson said...

Dear Anonymous,
thank you for writing. I am glad that this spoke to you, and I will share your comments with my friend who God is using with this story. If you will write to me with more information, I would love to pray for you more specifically. I also have a free monthly newsletter titled "Choices, Choices, Choices" that may encourage you.