Rocks Cry Out -- Part 2

I remember hearing the title of a message, “Crying Rocks,” when I was small, and I wondered what a rock would have to cry about! In more recent years, I’ve wondered what the rock tomb of Jesus would say as it enclosed the dead body of the Creator, and then, what the same rock would cry out as Jesus burst from the grave. Do rocks shout, “Hallelujah”?

I love archeology, which often uncovers rocks that point us back to the veracity of the scriptures. It’s as if these rocky finds shout, “Look here! It’s all true!” Especially in Israel, near the Temple Mount, archeologists with Dr. Eilat Mazar and the Israel Antiquities Authority are uncovering stones they believe are from the citadel (stronghold) next to the palace of King David, and many of their discoveries lend additional credence to Israel’s historical claim to Jerusalem.

But even if the rocks did not cry out (even if archeology suddenly seemed to contradict the Bible), God’s Word will always be true. At one time, people read the Bible and scoffed that it mentioned a nation of Hittites. Scholars said there was no such nation, and the Bible must, therefore, be false in relation to history. Suddenly, some inscriptions were discovered in Asia Minor, and archaeologists concluded that the Turkish city they were excavating was actually Hattusa, the ancient capital of the Hittite Empire!

David says, “Praise the Lord ... you mountains and all hills” (Psalm 148:7, 9). I’d like to think that is more than symbolism. Rocks can “speak the truth” in ways we’re only beginning to understand, and it all leads to praise for our great God and His unchanging Word.

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