Family Memories

I have seven boxes of photos, and several small containers with “memories” that all need to someday find their way into scrapbooks. These items are put away for safekeeping, but other than that, they aren’t doing me much good. To enjoy our memories, we need to be able to pull them out once in a while and “rehash” them.

I had to laugh, back in January, when suddenly my sons’ wives and many of their relatives started sharing memories of “Great Grandma Dunkle” on Facebook. It seemed like they were “scrapbooking” online! I learned a lot about the extended clan that night as I began to “picture” this dear woman. Story after story poured out, and it was obvious that they enjoyed their “Grandma’s” influence and love.

That week was a week of memories for me, too, when my sister found my dad’s old Navy record in my Grandma Parks’ Bible. We’d been looking for it for several years. The record listed his duty stations, ships he’d served on, and awards he’d received. I celebrated with my sister, but I also sat at my desk, weeping, as I remembered many things about my father—funny times, sad times, and wonderful loving times. I want to make a memorial scrapbook someday of Dad’s Navy career, including notes about how sad I felt to wave good-bye when he left on ships, and how I smiled as I saw him walking down the pier toward us, when he came home. This Memorial Day is much sweeter, with Dad’s record, a precious gift.

While I’m thinking about remembering: Jesus said, speaking of communion with His disciples, “Do this in remembrance of me.” In other words, “Do this to remember who I am and what I will accomplish for you.” Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, is the “scrapbook” we pull out to review our grateful memories of Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf. We love Him, because He first loved us. It’s the best “family memories” of all.

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