Better Ways to Connect with Your BFF

I woke up, checked my e-mail, logged on to Facebook, and then answered a Google chat message. Before noon, I’d checked email three more times; and by dinner, another four or five. Before I went to bed, I checked the emails and Facebook again; and then I went to bed. Then I woke up, ready to start all over again. Ready to "connect" with my friends, I heard an unmistakable voice. "When are you going to connect with Me?"

I had time for every other friend who wrote, sent a funny attachment, or just wanted to say "hi" yesterday, but I missed out on some serious connection time with Jesus, my BFF (Best Friend Forever). I only whispered some words to Him on the run. Actually, there’s really not much connection with my email friends, either. It’s pretty easy to substitute electronic messages for face time.

Some Relationship Connection principles are true whether we talk about human relationships or our relationship with God.

1. Relationship Connection grows with time, not a hurried hello. Friendships aren’t developed in our zip-in, zip-out techno-culture. We need time to linger with the one we love.
2. Relationship Connection grows with honesty and transparency. Get real!
3. Relationship Connection grows with a listening ear. (We connect with earthly friends over a cup of tea, a spontaneous walk, or a phone chat… and with God in prayer and meditation in the Word.)
4. Relationship Connection grows with focused, encouraging words. We share earthly friends’ joys and burdens, and spur one another on to greater vision and ministry. We offer positive strategies for improvement and accountability. With God, we are encouraged in the scriptures, and we offer Him words of praise.

We all need heart connection—to get away from all of the technology and connect, face-to-face. It’s especially true of our relationship with God. He says, "Draw near to Me, and I’ll draw near to you" (James 4:8). God invites us to dwell in His presence (Psalm 140:13b). It’s an ongoing invitation, and if we value Him, we’ll sit quietly and connect.

What do you do to keep the connection strong with Jesus, your BFF?

For more tips on building friendships, see: "Ya Gotta Have Friends!"


Maria Keckler said...

Amazing, Dawn. I'm writing an article for my blog on the use of Twitter and was thinking about how rich our relationship with God would be if we connected with Him as much as some people tweet. Although I average one tweet a day, I too relate to your example. Yet, I've noticed that some people tweet or "connect" with their virtual friends dozens of times in day or even in an hour!

Thank you for your transparency, the challenge, and the practical steps to help us readjust our perspective!

Dawn Wilson said...

Thanks, Maria. I look forward to checking out your blog on Twitter. With all the technology -- which I love -- it's easy to get sidetracked from what is most important. I know that you feel that tension. We all need balance. I haven't sent Tweets yet, and I want to be sure I'm "in balance" before I start!(By the way, I'm looking for a Twitter Tutor! HA!)