Ten Things to Pray for 'Better' Men

Although it has been said, "Anyone can be a father; it takes a real man to be a dad," most feminists and some cultural sophisticates have declared the role of fatherhood unnecessary. Men are relegated to the function of sperm donor. But look around at the shamble of broken homes and the resultant "broken children" in our society, and you’ll quickly see the value of paternal care. While I agree little with our new President’s positions on public policy, I do appreciate Barack Obama’s strong example of fatherhood. Our nation desperately needs to see courageous, morally pure, tender dads.

I met Crawford W. Loritts, Jr., at a Life Action Ministries revival training meeting, but it was a tract he wrote in 1998, "Ten Ways to Be a Better Father," that got my attention, because Crawford (a godly African-American pastor) purposed to lead men to be more involved, positive role models in their homes. Leadership U picked up the tract and published it on their website, but let me list Crawford’s ten points here. They are wise words that I have, incidentally, seen in my husband’s life, which he learned from his own wise father’s life—and they are principles that I have prayed concerning my two sons as they father their own children.

Ten ways to be a better father: (1) Passionately love your wife. (2) Be a man of integrity—or your words will fall on deaf ears. (3) Your children’s importance to you can be measured by how much time you spend with them. (4) You, more than anyone else, can give your children lifelong self-worth. (5) Communicate as a family. (6) Understand your mission. (7) Be vulnerable and admit your weaknesses. (8) Discipline means character development, not venting anger. (9) Don’t overprotect—let children learn the law of reaping what they sow. (10) Don’t be afraid to show your tender side.

Why have I included this list in a blog that will be read, perhaps, mostly by women? Women are influential, especially in the home, and we need to pray these things into our husbands’, sons’, pastors’, and other male leaders’ lives. Take time to thank God this week for the men who have taken up the charge God has entrusted to them—men who are wonderful examples of faithfulness.

What other things are you praying for, for your father, husband, son, pastor, or male leaders?

I'm praying that my Father-in-Love ("My Other Dad") lives a long, long life so he can continue to show us all what a godly man looks like!


Rebecca said...

My hubby is a wonderful, faithful, Christian Man. That very easily provided a firm foundation for him to be an equally devoted husband and father. I see my son with his bride of one year act out the same things he's witnessed his father do for so many years...

Beautiful, well written Post. Lovely!


Dawn Wilson said...

Thank you, Rebecca. I agree that children usually emulate what they see in their parents. My husband is a true "family man," and both of my married sons are following in his footsteps. God bless you and your home.