A New Spin on "Whatever!"

Among the many definitions for the word "whatever," the one that you’re most likely to hear from a teenager is the "whatever" defined as "I don’t care." I said this often as a teen in moments of rebellion, especially when I wanted to end a conversation. When I didn’t want to hear another word of my parents’ counsel or warnings, I’d roll my eyes and say the word sarcastically. Outwardly, I appeared to give in, but inwardly, I was ticked off and rebellious. I wasn’t fooling anyone.

I have a "Whatever!" clock in my bathroom. Every morning I grin when I see it, with all the numbers jumbled at the bottom of the clock face. But I also use this clock to remind myself to submit to my Lord’s plans for that day. Instead of an "I don’t care what happens," I’ve learned to come to God with joyful anticipation, saying, "Whatever you want, Lord, that’s what I want, too!" We’re half-way into the year, and I’m still saying, "His will, not mine, in 2009!"

For most of my early life, I ignored the will of God as if it were optional. It was not until I joined a revival team, Life Action Ministries, and sat under the ministry of Del Fehsenfeld, Jr., that I realized my life was not my own (I Corinthians 6:19-20). My Maker is my Master, and He expects me to act in that truth. My choices must align with His. Though God gives me great creative latitude in the choices I make—as long as they are based in biblical truth and convictions—my heart’s desire is to seek Him and His ways (Psalm 27:8; Proverbs 2:4-5; Isaiah 55:6-7).

My "whatever" is now the directive of I Corinthians 10:31: "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." Sola Dei Gloria.

Dear reader, what is your greatest struggle with submission to the will of God? What characteristic of God or promise in the Word of God encourages you to yield to His control?

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crazydaisy said...

P.S. Another good 'whatever' is Phillippians 4:8!

Dawn Wilson said...

So true, crazydaisy! "Whatever" you do today, may you be blessed!

lori said...

oh my goodness....this is fantastic...with 3 kiddos living with me, I occasionally hear "whatever." I needed this perspective! What a blessing you gave me tonight, just before signing off:)


Dawn Wilson said...

Glad to be of service, Lori! :o)