Wheat Fungus - Will It Steal Your 'Daily Bread'?

I recently wrote a prophecy article about wheat fungus. Crop scientists fear that a terrible fungus could wipe out more than 80 percent of worldwide wheat crops in the years ahead. The scourge, known as Ug99, produces reddish-brown flakes or blisters on wheat stalks, killing them. The stem rust fungus began in east Africa in 1999 and has already jumped the Red Sea, showing up in Iran in 2008. It now threatens India and Pakistan, and will inevitably be carried by winds to Russia and China.

Jim Peterson, a professor of wheat breeding and genetics at Oregon State University in Corvallis, said the fungus can move in clothing on an airplane. “We know it’s going to be here [in the United States],” Peterson said. “It’s a matter of how long it’s going to take.” If the fungus does make its way to U.S. wheat fields, plant experts anticipate $10 billion worth of wheat would be destroyed.

The morning I wrote about Ug99, I made toast with honey for breakfast and deliberately prayed, “Thank you, Lord, for my daily bread.” I so easily take simple foods for granted, while millions—perhaps billions—of people around the world struggle with famine, and millions more have crops in danger. Scientists are working feverishly to develop new wheat varieties that are immune to Ug99, but the fungi like these keep mutating and evolving.

Again, I’m reminded that our security and provision comes from God alone. Everything on this earth can be taken from us, even our daily bread. There is always the possibility of drought, flood, pests, and disease destroying our crops. We dare not think we are immune in America; those old enough to remember the drought in the 1930s can testify to that. We can expect famine to increase in the “Last Days” (Matt. 24:7).

What choices can we make? (1) We must continue to trust in God for all things. Jehovah-Jireh is our source—the Provider of all good gifts, our Shepherd (Gen. 22:14; Ps. 23:1, 5a; James 1:17). (2) We can remember to ask Him for our bread (Matt. 6:11). (3) We are not to worry about what we’ll eat but rather, remember the Lord and how He provides (Deut. 8:1-6; Ps. 33:18-19; Matt. 6:25). (4) We can say thanks, to take time to express our gratitude for breakfast toast and all the things God so bountifully supplies (Ps. 107:8-9; 136:2).

Has God provided “bread” for you in some powerful way? I’d love to hear about it!

If you don’t feel grateful, read “Priming the Pump.”


Pam Story said...


Thanks so much for the timely reminder that God alone is our Provision! Our Father is so wonderful to us, so very patient!
Your article brought to mind the story of the Israelites when given the manna from heaven. Instead of being thankful they began to complain, choosing to focus on the food they weren't getting. They wanted their "leeks"!! I wonder why we are so prone to shake our heads when reading of the Israelite's complaining and rebellion, yet seem to be oblivious to our own! I don't know if I told you this or not, but the Lord led Don and I home to my dad's in Connecticut to help him out (he'll be 90 in Oct.). Well, about a month after we got here, my daughter broke up with her live-in boyfriend (a REAL answer to prayer!!) and she and my five year old grandson moved in with us also. (Did I happen to mention my father has a 950 s.f. ranch with one bathroom????) By now you've "done the math"......four generations under one roof (and all with different temperaments and issues and needs) I feel like a "reality show" waiting to happen!!! Last week I was feeling VERY sorry for myself and my "lot in life"...Don and I are still unemployed by the way.....when the Lord reminded me of all the tears I shed the past few years about "how much I missed my family" and how "I was missing my grandson growing up", etc., etc!!!Well, he opened my eyes to the fact that I was so busy feeling sorry for myself (that I didn't have my own home and "space") that I completely missed the fact that God had answered several huge prayers of mine!! Can you believe it??? Well, I quickly repented and made a "heart choice" that I was going to exchange my complaining for thanksgiving. "Thank you Lord for an opportunity to reach my grandson for you." My daughter is in nursing school and works part time so we have lots of time alone with him. God has provided a roof over our head and we all eat well (believe me...I've got the extra 30 lbs to prove it!!Ha! Ha!) With Don out of work we have had wonderful couple time to pray, share our hearts and dreams for the future, scenic drives and all sorts of quality time that we won't have once he gets back to work. And God has given us both "perfect peace" that just the right job is on the way! And on top of all this, about a month ago we were led to a wonderful church with the nicest bunch of folks you'd ever want to meet! There is a wonderful music ministry and my husband now has a place to use his gift of music. I have just signed up to teach Sunday School to the toddlers and the Women's Ministry is expanding with many opportunies to serve and use my gifts as well. Don and I both see many future "heart friends" there and are so grateful to the Father for leading us here. Who knows, maybe someday we'll have the resources to fly you out here to conduct a seminar for the ladies! Wouldn't that be just too cool??

So, my friend, as you see, we are still in "transition" but day by day the pieces are falling into place.

You are in my prayers and thoughts and no matter where life takes me I will never forget my time at Shadow Mountain and the precious ladies who became my "sisters in the Lord"

God Bless you, Dawn, and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift of communication with us. Just love this web site! Pam Story

Dawn Wilson said...

Wow, Pam! The Lord has sure taken you on an adventure! I can't believe all that has happened in such a short time. I am so proud of you for finding the message and the blessing in your circumstances, and taking time to praise God for His answers. And thank you for taking the time to comment here. I'm glad the Lord has blessed you through the blog ... come again soon! I miss you. Much love! Dawn

Dawn Wilson said...

PS to Pam -- I'd love to come there, if the Lord leads and supplies!

Dawn Wilson said...
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Pam Story said...
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