Exposing the Devil's Work

By the very fact that Christians hold a biblical worldview—or they should—they make powerful enemies. There are some in the culture who simply will not tolerate a Bible-believing Christian. Christ-followers are too radical. They take God at His Word. They do not apologize for standing on the truth of scripture, and they refuse to bend the scripture to fit any chosen lifestyle.

I teach a class of women on Sunday mornings, and lately, we’re seeking to become “Courageous Women with a Christian Worldview.” We’re touching on discernment, apologetics, theology, and biblical perspectives on current issues in the culture. We’ve discovered that one of the consequences of studying the truth is that Satan’s lies and work are exposed (John 8:44).

(We probably won't recognize lies if our Bibles are collecting dust on the coffee table!)

My heart grieves that our nation is so quick to believe Satan’s lies, whether they are told by government officials, financial advisers, university educators, or preachers in our pulpits. Anything contrary to the Word of God is the playground of the enemy.

Just one example—Satan has had a field day with people in the area of finances. Materialism has become our God, and the devil loves it. A.W. Tozer once said of Satan, “Oh, what a cheat the devil is! What a deceiver and what a confidence man he is! I think of the cheating devil when I think of the sly confidence men who have sold the Brooklyn Bridge to poor people, grinning as they have taken their last dollar, leaving them to find out too late that the Brooklyn Bridge was never on the market. The devil is a liar, I say, and a deceiver. He is busy leading people to spend the best years of their lives laying up treasures for themselves, which even before they die will begin to rust and rot and decay.” (A.W. Tozer, I Call It Heresy! p. 96)

Satan tries to bind and imprison us with his lies, even though Christ came to set us free (Hebrews 2:14-15; John 8:32). Our enemy hates God, and he hates the faith, prayers, and works of the children of God. The more we resemble our Heavenly Father, the more Satan will try to destroy us; but we must remember that the ultimate battle is already won (John 12:31; 16:11; Colossians 2:15).

God calls us to choose courage—to fear Him alone. Greater is He who rules within us than he who rules in this present, evil world (1 John 4:4). It’s not a time to cower in our homes or even huddle in churches, but to get into the Word and make strong defense for truth in our culture, no matter the cost.


Marja said...

Awesome post Dawn, I have not heard many women speak out for a Christian worldview.

Janie said...

Great teaching, Dawn! George says the greatest need for the Body of Christ today is teaching on having a Biblical Worldview and I agree. He has taught our Sunday School Class and also our small group so keep putting it out there!
Love your blogs
Janie Cuff

Dawn Wilson said...

Thanks, Janie. I appreciate YOUR teaching of the truth, too. Marja (previous comment) is right that there is not much out there by women on a Christian worldview. I think that's why I'm loving teaching it on Sundays. Women are hungry for the truth.