Marriage 'Breakthroughs'

One of the wisest choices in marriage is the foresight to plan ahead for success. My friends, Bill and Pam Farrel, talk about this in their new book, The Marriage Code. They write (p. 26): “Our experience is that most couples are one step away from a breakthrough that will make their marriage a very enjoyable partnership. Every time the marriage code is activated in your love, a breakthrough happens. You cannot force the breakthrough to happen, because it involves a change of heart in both you and your spouse. You can, however, set up all the elements that make it likely that a breakthrough will happen.” (Emphasis mine)

Their emphasis on a code is timely: “Codes are all around us: access codes for banking accounts, to make reservations for travel, or to gain entry into buildings or our own computers.” With humor, solid wisdom, and practical illustrations, the Farrels—relationship specialists—teach couples about the “secret code to unlock love” in marriage. The book is available at their website, Farrel Communications. They will also be on Focus on the Family radio, October 21-22, discussing the book.

In a related vein ...

I am thankful to the Lord that Bob and I had incredible marriage training during the 1970s when we served with Life Action Ministries, years that prepared us well for the natural struggles in marriage. As we sat through a new church "revival" every week or so, we heard—over and over again—the powerful principles that encourage strong marriages. I learned the importance of showing my husband respect, and Bob learned what it means to truly love a wife. I know that, even today, those truths we learned from the scriptures bind our hearts to our biblical roles and each other. Our love is stronger than ever as we experience fresh "breakthroughs" in our relationship.

I'm also thankful for the True Woman movement, which began in October of 2008. True Woman continues the efforts of Life Action and their women's ministry, Revive Our Hearts, in reminding women about biblical roles and so much more. I'm excited about the three True Woman conferences that are coming up in 2010 in Chattanooga (March 25-27), Indianapolis (September 23-25), and Fort Worth (October 14-16).

Though now living in California, I'm going back to my Indiana roots to attend the Indianapolis conference. I hope you'll find your way to a True Woman conference, too. Do it for your marriage!

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