Are You Setting Up for Success?

I’m not into resolutions anymore—unless they are life resolutions or commitments—because I function better with simple daily choices to glorify God and embrace His adventure for my life. But I’m big into mottoes for the New Year.

A motto is a positive, challenging, yet simple phrase we live by—with a constant reminder to check for progress. My motto for the New Year is: “Think Thin & Go for the Win in 2010!” I’m determined that this is the year I’ll slim down through healthy eating choices and regular exercise. It’s going to take steady, daily discipline. I also want to live like a winner in every area of life. It is one thing to know that we have victory in Christ and need fear no one but God. It’s quite another to live out that truth day after day (especially if one is naturally timid, like me).

So, along with my motto, I have two character traits to pursue in 2010. My traits for last year were “Joy” and “Courage,” and I can truly see the effects of focusing on those words throughout 2009. My words for 2010 are “Perseverance” and “Victory”! I plan to study these character traits, memorize scriptures concerning them (related to my motto), and make practical applications as often as I can. I already have two scriptures in mind to get started: “So we must not get tired of doing good...” (Perseverance, Gal. 6:9, HCSB); and “…whatever has been born of God conquers the world...” (Victory, 1 John 5:4, HCSB).

I envision lifting my arms to God in praise every day for the victory that is mine in Jesus!

It is common to set goals and create calendars to work through the months ahead, but it takes more than a few New Year’s resolutions and business tools to set up for and achieve success. It takes a workable plan, commitment, and discipline. I like this definition of success: “God’s measure of success involves our obedience and faithfulness to Him, regardless of opposition and personal cost.”

It’s a fresh year with new challenges and opportunities. I encourage you to create your own motto for 2010, and then choose dynamic character traits to pursue that will help you please God and achieve His goals for your life.

For more New Year’s wisdom, see “Before We Look Ahead” and “Colorful Goals.”


Pam Farrel said...

Great "choice" to have a theme! I have been doing this yearly theme thing since college and it is a great way to stay focued! I am still praying over my 2010 theme and key verse. 2009 turned out to be "fit and fine in 09" and I selected verse: the Lord is my portion-- and lost 20 lbs! Hey once I know mine, I will take you on a prayer walk and that will hold you accountable for living your motto and you can then hold me accountable for mine!

Marja said...

I have had motto's for the past few years. It really helps to focus and I have been reminded numerous times!!! The one for 2009 was: "Do not be anxious about anything"
Yeah right, hilarious isn't it?! I really tried...
The one for 2010? I'll post on it next week.
Thanks for being so inspiring Dawn! I know you will reach your goal!

Dawn Wilson said...

Thanks, Ladies! You are two awesome and inspiring women!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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