Choosing a God-Centered Life

Voices and Choices of the True Woman Movement (Part 2)

Revive Our Hearts, led by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, mentors millions of women, calling them to heart revival and biblical womanhood. Nancy birthed the True Woman Movement in 2008 in Chicago. Her message at that conference, “From Him, through Him, to Him,” is Chapter Two in Voices of the True Woman Movement.

Nancy’s message is based in Romans 11:33-36—“an odd place,” Nancy said, “to launch into a discussion on true womanhood.” In this passage full of amazing, magnificent doctrines, Paul explores the mysteries of God’s sovereign, electing grace—His plan for redeeming Jews and Gentiles. Paul’s words provide “a framework and context for our lives as women,” she said, because it gives “a fixed reference point for our hearts. It tethers us to God’s ultimate, eternal purposes” and provides “a perspective—a grid—for responding to His sovereign choices in our lives,” [emphasis mine].

Our choices, then, as women, are to be based in God’s choices for us; and the most important choice is to be sure God is central in our hearts.

“The true woman knows that deeper than her own limitations and problems, is “the bedrock of God’s riches, wisdom, and knowledge” and His eternal purposes are underneath it all. We can safely dwell in Him (Deut. 33:27). Whatever our need or lack, God richly can supply (Phil. 4:19). However impossible our circumstances seem, God’s wisdom is sufficient (1 Cor. 1:25).

Though we wonder, at times, whether God is working in our lives—usually because we cannot comprehend “the means He has devised to fulfill His holy purposes”—The Lord is truly working for us and through us. He owes us no explanations, but one thing is sure: we desperately need Him. God cares for us completely and loves us unconditionally. “Believing this leaves no place for doubt, or fear, or anger, or second-guessing, or disputing God’s choices,” Nancy said. “He is God and we are not.” His ways for us may not make sense to our human reasoning, but we can take comfort knowing that the all-wise Sovereign One knows what He’s doing, and He is working out a plan for the display of His glory that includes us.

Paul’s conclusion in this passage is: “For from him and through him and to him are all things” (v. 36). “This is why true womanhood results in a God-centered life and perspective, a God-centered worldview,” Nancy said. If we miss that, we miss everything. He is our source, our sustainer, and our supreme purpose, the “sum and whole point of everything there is,” Nancy said. “Therefore, we submit our entire lives to His holy, eternal purposes.” And that includes our womanhood.

So, how do we submit our womanhood to God? We make at least three choices.

(1) A True Woman lives a God-centered life. She is not self-centered. We live for God’s glory and pleasure, embracing the purpose for which we were created. We are “enthralled” with the Lord Jesus, and our hope is in Him (Rom. 11:36; Ps. 33:18).
(2) A True Woman trusts God, and does not give in to fear (Prov. 31:25; Ps. 27:1). The woman of God “accepts [God’s] plan as good, though it may not be the way she defines good," Nancy said. She knows that God can be trusted to know what He is doing; she can relinquish control to Him.
(3) A True Woman says, “Yes, Lord,” recognizing that her life is not her own. She resolves to follow Him in full obedience and submission. She embraces God’s design for biblical womanhood and the roles for her life, and is, Nancy said, “willing to be like a salmon, swimming upstream, living a counter-cultural life in an unholy world for the glory of God.”

Is God the center of your life? How do you know? What choices can you make to insure that you keep Him and His purposes central and valued? Have your read the True Woman Manifesto?

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