Courageous Choices as a True Woman of God
Voices and Choices of the True Woman Movement (Part 4)

“In all of life, it’s important to recognize that there are always two stories going on at the same time—two perspectives, two worldviews, two ways of looking at life. There’s the drama you can see, and then there’s the drama behind the drama. There’s the obvious plot, as well as the plot beneath the plot.” So says Nancy DeMoss, founder and director of Revive Our Hearts.

A woman called by God “for such a time as this,” Nancy wants Christian women to understand that they, too, are called to make a difference, not only in the kingdom of man—the culture of today—but also for the Kingdom of God.

In Chapter Four of Voices of the True Woman Movement, Nancy recounts the story of Esther. God used this young woman to display His glory in her unholy surroundings as she stepped forward with courage to fulfill God’s purposes for her life. The story is familiar to most of us who grew up in the church. (If it is new to you, read the 10 chapters of Esther—it’s a great adventure story!)

Esther is not the star of the story, however, although the book bears her name. She is “simply a player in the heavenly drama being acted out on an earthly stage,” Nancy explained. Bottom line—God raised this young girl to her lofty position alongside the pagan king, Ahasuerus for a reason. Though she had no idea of the role she would play in the redemption of her people, God had prepared her heart and life, and at the heart of the story, there is a crisis of faith. God was not dependent on Esther’s choices, but He sovereignly placed her in the right time at the right place and with the right counselor at her side (wise Mordecai), and her choice to trust and obey God—to “go for broke” in commitment to His will—changed the course of Jewish history.

“You, too, are a tool in the hand of God, being applied to situations that may just feel like ‘everyday life” to you, but are actually backlit stages where the purposes of God are being put on display from your address,” Nancy said.

She shared lessons that we can glean from the story of Esther, and I want to tweak them a bit to offer choices “for such a time as this.”

Keep your focus. We are in a spiritual battle—fighting on a higher plane—even when we can’t see the eternal significance.
Use spiritual weapons and tactics. The battle is the Lord’s, and His children fight with humility, prayer, fasting, truth, and love.
Rest in God. He is behind the scenes, and He will prevail.
Move forward with courage. Be willing to step out in faith.
Never give up hope. There is no situation so desperate that God cannot redeem it.
Don’t judge the outcome of the battle by current circumstances.

Esther was an ordinary woman caught up in the drama of her day. Her challenges could have easily derailed her from becoming a true woman of courage and faith, but she answered God’s call—the call to surrender and be used to accomplish His will.

“And we, like [Esther], must live in light of that calling,” Nancy said, “giving this world a vision of [God’s] reality, power, and grace.”

What is your "calling" from God? What are your roles? Are you a wife? A mother? A single woman? What season of life are you in right now? Be sure your heart is surrendered to God concerning these roles and circumstances—that you are saying, “Yes, Lord!”—and consider the intentional choices you can make as a tool in God’s hand.

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