Choosing to Answer the Call

Voices and Choices of the True Woman Movement
(Part 9)

This is the end of my summer journey through the book, Voices of the True Woman Movement. My goal has been to highlight some of the godly men and women who have voiced the truths, principles, and motivation in the True Woman movement. These voices are from True Woman '08, and many of them are returning for True Woman '10 in Indianapolis and Ft. Worth this fall.

It is fitting that the book closes with challenging words from Nancy Leigh DeMoss, the author of the book. The subtitle of the book is: A Call to the Counter-Revolution. The call is alive and powerful, founded in the True Woman Manifesto.

Nancy first reminds readers that the women's movement (telling women, "Have it your way") made many promises, but left women more "dissatisfied, disoriented, and distressed than ever." Women are discouraged, dysfunctional, and desperate; and these are emotions that, sadly, are found among many Christian women, too. Nancy says, "I believe now is the time for us to seek God for a movement of reformation and revival among Christian women ~ a Word-driven, Christ-exalting, counter-cultural revolution that will take back the ground that has been given over to the world's way of thinking for so many years."

Swimming against the flow of this world may look different to each woman, depending on her season of life; but "our generation has an unprecedented opportunity and responsibility," Nancy said, "to invest our lives into God's Kingdom." She says she believes that, especially from the millions of boomer-era women, "there could be unleashed a massive movement of true women, who could take all kinds of battlefronts for Christ."

One of Nancy's favorite writers is Amy Carmichael, who traveled to India in 1895 as a single missionary. Amy stayed there for 55 years without a furlough. She worked against the practice of selling children and young women to Hindu religious fathers, who turned them temple prostitutes. She fought against the flow of that culture, like a salmon swimming upstream. Who would want to choose that path? "But what a picture this is of the heart of Christ ~ the heart of Calvary ~ swimming upstream, fighting against the tide," Nancy said, "being bloodied and beaten on His way to giving spiritual life even at the cost of His own physical life."

That is our calling, too. We are called to "pour ourselves out in fulfilling the Kingdom purposes of God in this world," no matter the cost. Nancy is calling for "a band of sisters who say, "If I perish, I perish ... I'm going for broke."

God may be calling us to be the Amy Carmichael's in our generation, in our own sphere of influence. There are women in your and my community, church, and family who desperately need to be rescued from the enemy who has taken them captive. "We're commissioned to shine the light of [God's] truth in the darkness, enabling captives to be set free for the glory of God."

One of the passions in Nancy's heart is to see women return to biblical womanhood. "For decades," she says, "Western culture has been drifting from whatever biblical and spiritual moorings it may have had. We have abandoned scripture as our ultimate authority and are now facing an all-out assault on Christian and biblical values. Nowhere is this more true than in our relation to gender issues ... Feminist ideology has become mainstream, and we are now experiencing the long-term effects of an intentional, orchestrated effort to undermine what the Bible teaches in relation to gender and sexuality."

The True Woman Manifesto, mentioned above, is "an attempt to make a thoughtful, earnest, biblical response to this point in history," Nancy said, "and to provide a succinct statement around which women of God can unite their hearts and efforts." The True Woman Manifesto, unlike the self-serving Feminist manifestos, "is a call to come and die ~ to ourselves, to our own plans, to our own desires ~ so we can manifest [God's] resurrection life to our world." This call to "come and die" was pictured at True Woman '08 by broken women, waving symbolic white flags of surrender ~ handkerchiefs embroidered with two simple words, "Yes, Lord!"

Every posting in this series has ended with a list of choices that we can make to become True Women of God. This entry has only one choice, but it is crucial. It is surrender. Will we lay down our lives, being true Christ-followers in obeying the Father? Will we add our voice to the voice of others who are standing for truth, revival, and biblical womanhood? Will we say, "Yes, Lord"? It may involve many obstacles, or even suffering; but we will glorify God in our obedience and service. And that is why we were created.

God is calling, and everything hinges on what you decide. Will you answer the counter-cultural call?

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