Fractured, but Not Forgotten

I was just walking on a beach. A patch of sand, darker than the rest, looked innocent enough, but underneath was thick, slippery mud. My foot slipped, my body twisted, and I hit the sand with a not-too-graceful thud.

I said, "It's probably only a twisted ankle." I didn't want to scare the grandkids and their cousins. But I knew ~ the pain stabbed my foot and grabbed my gut. I was glad lifeguards arrived quickly.

Later, in urgent care, x-rays revealed a twisty line above my ankle ~ a spiral fracture, sometimes called a "skiier's fracture." Six weeks, the doctor said. Minimum.

Crutches, a rolling walker, a regular walker, and a removable boot were all part of the recovery and therapy. I experienced a love/hate relationship with the prescribed medicine, not sure the nausea in my stomach was worth the relief from pain. But I healed and walked, and life returned somewhat back to normal.

During those early days, I said I didn't want visitors. But then, lonely, I changed my mind; and visitors came with soup, ice cream, and pleasant conversation. Dependency birthed new relationships.

As I dealt with the fracture, the Lord taught me many lessons.

We're All Broken. We're all fractured people. Cracked vases (or cracked pots, if you prefer). None of us is perfect. We're sinners (Romans 3:23). And when we begin to think that we are perfect (outside of our being made perfect in Christ), we'll need to be broken again ~ humbled before the Lord. We need to admit our need.

We Need God's Peace. When struggle, hardship, or suffering come, the frustration or pain may be unbearable. We're tempted to try different remedies; but they are always temporary, and sometimes the remedy compounds the original problem! The Lord is our only lasting "remedy." He is our peace when stress comes (Isaiah 26:3). He redeems each situation and, most of the time, helps us make sense of our frustration or pain. Some struggles we may never understand this side of heaven, but God brings peace that passes understanding (Philippians 4:7).

We must Choose Joy.
We are to rejoice in all circumstances ~ not in the situation itself, but in the God who is sovereign in all circumstances (Philippians 4:4). Because nothing catches Him by surprise, we can trust in His greater purposes. We can pray to see from His perspective, ask for wisdom, and choose contentment and joy.

We Are Deeply Loved.
When we feel most fractured ~ unattractive, not at our best ~ we tend to hide out. But that is when we most need our brothers and sisters in Christ to love us and remind us that we are accepted in the Beloved (Ephesians 1:6). We are His delight. And the body of Christ is most beautiful when it ministers and serves, reflecting God's love.

God's Presence is Real.
In the midst of tough circumstances, we may feel lonely, but we are not alone (Psalm 139:7). God's presence brings us the power, provision, and protection we need to move forward.

I loved all the visitors, but God's presence comforted me most during those weeks of healing. I believe with all my heart the words of Jim Elliff, who I've quoted often: "Everything," he said, "flows from the presence of God."

Everything I need. He is all I need.

So I may be fractured, but this does not surprise God. In the midst of my struggle, I'm never alone! Never forgotten. And neither are you.


HisFireFly said...

Rejoicing in your recovery!

I know the pain of spiral fractures.. I did a complete job on my ankle.. tibia, fibula and spiral above the ankle joint. If I had only had God in my life during that time, recovery would have been so much smoother!

Dawn Wilson said...

Bless you, FireFly. I hurt just to think of all your pain! But you are right, God makes the difference. I'd love to know more about your journey to the Lord.

Marja said...

Beautiful post Dawn, I like the way you use every day experiences to tell a spiritual lesson!

Dawn Wilson said...

Thanks, Marja ... although I'm not sure I'd ever wish for these kinds of experiences so I'd have things to write! :o)