Preparing for the Next Crisis

I walked out of the office on September 11, 2001, to watch a television in a nearby room. I worked full-time, at the time, for Christian Examiner. Everyone in the office sat on a couch, glued to the horrible sights that unfolded minute-by-minute.

It was our generation's Pearl Harbor, and we sat in shock that anyone would dare attack our nation.

We couldn't fully take it in. As events unfolded ~ the Twin World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, the downed plane in Pennsylvania ~ we knew we'd never be the same. How could we? America seemed so impenetrable before 9-11.

In the weeks following, as the government tried to grapple with what happened, many turned to God. Some were sincere and made decisions they had long put off. Others were simply scared, and instinctively turned to God. They looked for hope in events that made no sense.

God is still America's only hope
, not because "In God We Trust" ~ because we really don't trust in God as a nation, anymore ~ but because the Word of God makes it clear that hope is only found in the God of the Bible.

Nearly a decade later, most Americans have returned to business as usual, church as usual, and life as usual without even token fear of God. There are some whose lives were changed forever, but how many are playing games today? The scriptures command us to seek God while He may be found (Is. 55:6). It's foolish to wait for another crisis. We need to humble our hearts and thoughts, and seek Him with the intent to do what He says. As a nation and as individuals, we need to repent of our sinful ways (2 Chron. 7:14; Ps. 27:8; Jer. 29:13; Heb. 11:6).

If we will make the choices and do the works of a faithful Christ-follower, we will not only please God, we will show people who He is and how He can change their lives.

Some make practical preparations for potential crises ~ storing food and supplies, or making emergency plans; but every Christian needs a prepared life, because we will one day stand before the Judge of all the earth. One of the tools I am using these days is "Hope for Uncertain Times," produced by the revival ministry Revive Our Hearts. I'm also studying "When Do We Need Revival?" Materials like these ~ and there are many at the Revive Our Hearts' website under Printable Downloads ~ encourage us to make sure our hearts are pure before God.

We are not bound by legalism; we are under grace ~ but we do need to be careful that we are taking our walk with God seriously. There is much at stake for our own lives, and for the lives of those the Lord will allow us to influence.

What are your memories of 9-11?
Did you turn to God in a more significant way? Have you slipped a bit from that walk of intimacy, faith, or obedience? How can we keep our walk with God fresh?

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