From Pity to True Compassion

When I interviewed Noel Brewer Yeatts for an article in the Christian Examiner, I wasn't all that surprised by her interest in missions. After all, her father, Vernon, is a seasoned missionary veteran, the founder of World Help; and Noel told me, "Everything I know about missions and ministry I have learned from my dad."

What did surprise me is how this beautiful young woman is so passionate about encouraging women to be loud and bold in fighting the injustices in the world like human trafficking, and standing up to make a difference in regard to global poverty, the need for clean water, and the struggles with HIV/AIDS. Noel wants to empower women to change the world with ideas for simple, practical involvement.

Her message isn't a pep talk as much as an impassioned, urgent plea. Noel moved out of her own comfort zone while on a special trip to Brazil as a teenager. The needs of a little boy named Nildo broke her heart, and she realized that she might not be able to save all the children in the world, but she could do much to change the life and future of that one child. Like her dad, Noel said she wants to accomplish at least one thing each day "that will outlive me and last for eternity."

Noel is vice president of World Help, and president of "causelife" ~ a movement to provide clean, safe water wells in Africa and Central America ~ but she also oversees unique "Tour of Hope" events throughout the country, helping women learn in a few hours how to wrap their arms around needs and solutions. An outreach for all ages, Tour of Hope is action-oriented and inspires women of faith to step out boldly and with purpose.

Does your heart ache at the injustices in the world? I know mine does! Do you wonder if there's any way you can help? Tour of Hope is designed to move women from pity to true compassion.

Compassion acts, and this is an outlet that truly does make a difference.

Last year, the tour visited churches in Maryland, Georgia, and Texas. And now, Tour of Hope is coming to San Diego County on February 26th at Sonrise Community Church in Santee, California (I plan to go). Then it will move on to Ridgefield Church of the Nazarene (Ridgefield, Washington) on March 26th. (Register here.)

The free event includes a motivating message by Noel and other speakers, musicians in an unforgettable worship experience, and a marketplace with hundreds of handmade items from all over the world. I heartily encourage every woman near these cities to go. Take your women's group. Who knows ~ God may start a new movement of compassion in your church!

How will you make a difference?

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