It Begins with a Lie

"Police in Radnor, Pennsylvania, interrogated a suspect by placing a metal colander on his head and connecting it with wires to a photocopy machine.

"The message, 'He's lying,' was placed in the copier. Police pressed the copy button each time they thought the suspect wasn't telling the truth. Believing the 'lie detector' was working, the suspect confessed!" *

When I (Dawn) think about lies, I immediately think of a best-selling book. More than 600,000 copies of books published by Revive Our Hearts radio host and teacher Nancy Leigh DeMoss have been sold, and her signature book is Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free.

Nancy wrote that "every act of sin in our lives begins with a lie. We listen to the lie; we dwell on it until we believe it; finally, we act on it."

That sin might, at first, seem like "a little matter." But we sin again. And we sin repeatedly until a "groove" has been worn in our hearts. We now have a sinful pattern." Before we realize what has happened," Nancy writes, "we are in bondage. A sinful stronghold has been established....

"Every area of bondage in our lives can be traced back to a lie." **

I thought about that this week. Can that be true? Every sinful habit I have began with a lie? How can that be? But the more I thought about it, the more I saw that it is indeed true. It usually begins with just listening to things that aren't true ~ not monitoring what I allow into my mind through what I read or view.

The enemy is clever getting us to believe a lie, isn't he? (John 8:44) He makes sin seem so appetizing. And then, we lose our sensitivity and perhaps can't even discern between what is right and wrong.

But we can move from bondage back into freedom. Nancy explains how:

First, she said, "Identify the area(s) of bondage or sinful behavior." 2 Peter 2:19 says, "A man (woman) is a slave to whatever has mastered him (her)." So I have to ask, where am I not living in freedom as God's child?

Second, "Identify the lie(s) at the root of that bondage or behavior." That's a little harder, because the root may be hidden. Lies take root in the mind. Nancy offers forty common "lies" that women believe, and once a lie takes root, it won't produce healthy fruit!

Third, "Replace the lie(s) with the Truth." The truth is our weapon to deal with the enemy's deception in our lives. We uproot the lie, and plant truth. Every lie must be countered with the corresponding Truth, so we can be set free (John 8:32). And freedom can come!

For example, because of some circumstances in my childhood, I believed the lie, "I'm not worth anything." What I believed about myself determined many of my choices, and certainly, my attitudes. But the Truth is, I am so valuable to God that He sent His Son, Jesus, to pay the price for my soul. Once I saw the Truth, I had the choice to embrace what God says rather than continuing to believe the enemy's lie about being worthless. My emotions bucked for a while, but as I continued to speak Truth to my heart and act on it, my emotions gradually fell in line. When the lie surfaces again, Truth sends it packing (Galatians 5:1).

What's your tough area of sin? Is there a lie at the root?

Yank out that lie and replace it with truth!

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** Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free ( Moody Press, 2001), p. 40

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Marja said...

Hhhmm, I always thought the root for most of our sin was pride (according to C.S. Lewis that is)... so this is an interesting thought Dawn... sin came into the world because of a lie (from satan).. so it makes sense.
Well, defenitely something to meditate on Dawn, thanks for sharing.