Wise Author Points Women to Refuge in God

I met Kathy Howard at CLASS writer's conference in New Mexico, and we renewed our friendship at the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA) conference a few years ago. I found Kathy to be charming and fun, deep and wise, and I cannot think of Kathy without a descriptive phrase coming to mind. She is a "Woman of the Word."

The author of several Bible studies and helpful Bible tools (Fed up with Flat Faith; Before His Throne, God's Truth Revealed, and Unshakeable Faith), Kathy always directs women to the truest, surest source of help and hope. Her new bookGod Is My Refuge: 12 Weeks of Devotions and Scripture Memory for Trouble Times, is both timely and rich.

In this interview, Kathy explains why her book will make a difference in women's lives.

1. How can this devotional book help and encourage Christian women?

Christian women are not immune to trials and difficulties. In fact, Jesus clearly warned His followers that we will have trouble. We live in a fallen world and the effects touch everyone. However, believers have a safe place to go in the midst of trouble.

Our God invites us to take refuge in Him. He is our “refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.”

Most Christians believe God can help, but many don’t know where to go in the Bible to find the comfort, peace, and guidance He longs to give. God Is My Refuge provided the direction Christian women need to discover, understand, and apply the “ever-present help” only God can give.

2. What makes God Is My Refuge different from most other devotionals?
God Is My Refuge is more of a purposeful quite time guide. The overall intent for the book is to help women discover the help God offers in times of difficulty. Each day’s devotion includes the following components:
  • Scripture reading of 5 to 8 verses
  • Brief illustration and commentary on the verses
  • Three questions for personal reflection and application
  • Prayer prompt
  • Memory Minute
Each of the 12 weeks focuses on a specific area of trouble like financial need, illness, broken relationships, grief, or fear. Each week highlights a verse that the reader is encouraged to memorize to internalize God’s truth. The daily “Memory Minute” gives quick, practical steps to facilitate memorization.

3. Tell us about how God used this book in your life while you were writing it.
Not long after I began working on this devotional our family entered a time of crisis. God used every moment I spent searching His Word and studying His promises to minister to me in my time of trouble. I needed what I was preparing for others. He comforted me with His Words of love. He filled me with the peace that can only come from Him. He strengthened me with the presence of His Spirit. God has truly been my refuge and ever-present help.

4. This devotional includes a Scripture memory component. Why is this important?

Memorizing God’s Word solidly entrenches it in your heart and mind. When you internalize His truth like this, God can use it to minister to you in powerful and personal ways:
5. Memorizing Scripture overwhelms many Christians. How does God Is My Refuge help readers overcome this?
Memorizing Scripture is often overwhelming because we are looking at the “big chunk.” We see the end – having a verse or section memorized – and think “there’s no way I can do that!” You’ve heard the old saying about how to eat an elephant? The answer is “one bite at a time!” 

The same is true with memorizing Scripture. This devotional gives readers small, daily, doable steps to help them succeed. One bite at a time, until the verse is memorized! We also review all the verses throughout the course of the devotional to help them stick.

6. What is the main takeaway of God Is My Refuge?
Christians will have trouble in this world, but God is there is help us in the midst of it. He will not leave us to stumble around on our own. He has the desire and power to help us. We just have to turn to Him. This devotional helps us do just that!
For more information about God Is My Refuge, and to download a free day’s devotional, visit Kathy’s website: http://www.kathyhoward.org/god-is-my-refuge/

 You can also purchase a copy of God Is My Refuge on Amazon or at Christianbook.com.