Wonder and Our Worship - Part 2

In the last post, I said, "... there is ... a connection between wonder and worship."

Nowhere is this more evident than in our hymns and songs of faith. There are so many I could share, but I want to share a song that moved me deeply as a young woman.

I woke up at 3 am recently, singing phrases to that old song, but I could only remember a few phrases. I went back to sleep, but the next morning I tried to find the hymn online. I found another song with a similar title, but it wasn't the one I remembered, so I asked God to help me find the right song.

A few days later at my church in Southern California, I ran into two dear friends. Don and his wife were visiting from Pennsylvania. He was my former choir director and also the professor teaching music where I attended college years ago.

After I shared my frustration in remembering the songand the few phrases I recalledlater that night Don graciously sent me a link. Some students in a secondary school in Sabah, Malaysia, were singing the song!

"O Lord my God, how wonderful Thou art 
To make our world and satisfy man's heart. 
I fail to comprehend it all somehow. 
O mighty God, how wonderful art thou."

Some people might call that encounter with my former choir director a "God-thing." But to me, it was simply an answer to prayer and another example of my "wonder"-full God showing me His love. 

I wrote about my faithful God's love in "The Blessing Basket," a chapter in the book, It's a God Thing. In my early 20s, as a young woman on a revival team, God provided for me in a way that clearly showed me I was not forgotten. My wonder over God's goodness reached down into my heart then, and here I am, in my mid-sixties, still amazed by my Father's goodness, loving-kindness and mercy.

But it is wonder with experience now.

God proves His faithfulness to me over and over. His presence is tangible in my deepest trials, His comfort is precious in my deepest sorrows, and His wisdom is supreme when I flounder in confusion. 

He is more wonderful to me today than 40 years ago! And that's how it should be as we grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord (2 Peter 3:18).

And yet I feel like I'm only scratching the surface. There is so much more to discover. I feel like the apostlemy heart still cries out, "Oh, that I may know Him!" (Philippians 3:10)

My testimony today is, God has satisfied my heart ... with Himself. There are times when I toy with lesser things; but I've found even the people and things I love most can fail me. Only God's love and His Word never fail.  
"Give thanks to the Lord of lords ... to him who alone does great wonders, for his steadfast love endures forever ... Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away" 
 (Psalm 136:3-4; Luke 21:33). 

Although the chorus is different in the original wording, I hope this song I lovewritten by Esther Duvall Eden in 1959, with music written by Blanche Osbornwill encourage your own wonder of our great God. It's titled "O Lord My God, How Wonderful Thou Art."

I walk at night beneath majestic skies
And know behind them is a God all-wise,
Who fixed all stars, each in its lonely place,
And wrapped them in a darkened robe of space.      

O mighty God, how wonderful art Thou To love the world while heav'ns before Thee bow.
 I fail to comprehend it all some how. O mighty God, how wonderful art Thou.

I see the moon, the stars in distant space,
And think of how the God of matchless grace
Is coming in the clouds to claim His own -
Such wonders that on earth cannot be known. (Chorus)

I scan the heav'ns with rapture in my soul
And wonder how the God Who made the whole
Could ever fix His thoughts on such as I
And give His Son upon the cross to die. (Chorus)

The wonder of creation ... the wonders of heaven. These are truly amazing. But the wonder of salvation is beyond comprehension. Those last two lines in the third verse stir my heart.

Why would this mighty God fix his thoughts on someone the likes of me? A sinner. So selfish. Not caring about Him or His kingdom. His enemy. And greater still ... how could He send His Son to die ... for me?  

Truly He is a wonderful God of matchless grace, and I worship Him today.

Do you know this wondrous God? If not, do you want to know Him? (Here's how.) The wonder and beauty of The Gospel Story* is this:
  • We were made for God's glory.
  • But our hearts are shattered by sin.
  • God made a way for us to be restored: the Good News!
  • In Christ, we are new creatures with eternal life - hope for the future.
I do hope you know Him. 

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* "The Gospel Story" resource from ReviveOurHearts.com