It's Not Stained-Glass Faith

As I looked at all the stained glass panels in Sainte-Chapelle, the beautiful medieval Gothic chapel in the center of Paris, France, I was struck by the beauty. My husband and I sat for a long time, quiet and meditating on the Lord.

But then it was time to leave. The chapel wasn't a place to live.

As I walked out into the busy Paris street, I thought, "Christianity isn't stained glass faith; it's following Christ in holiness and love." 

It's living out His character in the thick of difficulties. It's following Him into the way of suffering.
It's celebrating His cross, His victory, and honoring Him each day as He transforms my life and service.

Acts 2:1-6 reminds us of the power that was unleashed when God's people experienced the Holy Spirit in their hearts for the first time.

It is this transforming power that the church needs today.

I need it. Without God's power, "holiness" is simply human effort and that's not true holiness at all.

I've spent most of this month focusing on holiness. I'll likely go on for the rest of this year to focus on this attribute of God and His desire to see it manifested in my life.

I don't know if I'll write about it all year. But I'll ask God to help me live it out.

Stained glass is beautiful. But a life that reflects Christ? That's amazing.

This post is part of the New Start '15 campaign initiated by Kathy Howard and Julie Titus Sanders in January 2015 as a one-month effort to call God's people to live in holiness. 
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