Conception: There Are No Accidental People!

In light of the Planned Parenthood fiasco - the sad news about babies' parts being harvested and sold - I find this quote a fresh reminder that there's more at stake than a baby's body. 

In her book, The Making of a Mom, Stephanie Shott says,

"The conditions of conception do not determine the value of a life. In our minds there may be accidental parents, but in the mind of God there are no accidental people. Each one is a masterpiece—each person is a miracle created by God in spite of the way that sweet baby was conceived" (p. 31).
For us to chop apart a human masterpiece, with no regard for the Creator, is one of the tragedies of life.
"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it" (Psalm 139:13-14).

Each one of us is a divine design. And God places within our bodies a unique little soul. 

Stephanie, founder of The M.O.M. Initiative, has a word for all pregnant moms who might read this post today:

"Sweet mom," she wrote, "you were in God's heart before you ever entered your mother's womb. The same is true for your baby. The process of pregnancy is nothing short of the making of a miracle ... a miracle that includes you."(p. 35)

And, she writes (p. 38), "God creates those tiny treasures we call children, but He uses mothers to paint strokes of love, character and integrity into their hearts and lives. You are the brush, sweet mom, and you only get one chance to choose each stroke well."

Let's protect each masterpiece!

Are you struggling with being pregnant? While I do not personally endorse any agencies here, there are so many people (and agencies) you can contact online that would love to help you keep your baby or give it up for adoption. Please don't turn to abortion. And if you have already aborted a child, you will find help too. You don't have to go through these life choices alone.

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Stephanie Shott said...

My heart was so grieved as I watched those videos of Planned Parenthood's leaders speaking about crushing babies' skulls and dissecting babies in the womb as they chomped down on salad. Oh how terribly wicked our nation has become. Selling hearts and lungs only proves the babies are human... not something to be mutilated and killed in what should be the safest place on the planet... a mother's womb. Praying for repentance in this nation!