The Heartbeat of Revival

My heart is breaking for all that I see in the news. The corruption, the lawlessness, the rebellion and pride — and all the behaviors that come from sinful hearts. It feels like the evil one is on the rampage.

And I keep asking myself, "Where is the church? Where are God's people? How are we reaching out to love others and teach the truth? Where is the evidence we have a connection with God that makes a difference?"

I am thankful I am part of a ministry (and its outreach to women) that calls all its members to a time of seeking God each year. This "Seek Week" is meant to refocus our hearts on the truth of the Word of God—not to make us "feel guilty," but to help us realize we still need the outpouring of grace that we received at salvation, the grace that God bestows on us daily to make us more like Jesus. 

We never outgrow our need for God's glorious grace.

Living for the Lord is not about perfectionism or legalism. 
     It's not about pride or self-accomplishment.
          It's not about self-condemnation or comparisons. 
               It's not about fixing ourselves or self-help.
                    It's about desperately needing God's help!

As Christine Hoover says in her book, From Good to Grace
"Sanctification is led by the Spirit from start to finish. 
He does the convicting, forgiving, sanctifying and transforming." 
(1 Thessalonians 5:23)

So in seeking God, we simply receive His grace and then respond in bold faith and complete obedience in every aspect of life.

What Seek Week has always done for me is point me back to the power of the Gospel. And then it calls me to pray for and respond to the Lord as He speaks. And part of that response is to pray for revival to come to the Church today.

Life Action Ministries was founded by Del Fehsenfeld, Jr., in 1971. I joined the team that first year and met the Lord in a powerful way. 

I was intrigued by his intimacy with God and passion for the Church. His heart was right and ripe for God to use him in a big way! 

He looked at the world and saw its sinfulness, but then he looked at the Church and didn't see much difference. That was his burden and the thing that kept driving him to his knees.

I believe:
God is sovereign in when He sends revival, but he calls us to prepare our hearts for that good season of refreshing.
The graphic above expressed the desire of Del's heartthat God's people might seek the Lord for revival. And he often said to congregations across America, "Let it begin with me ... with you."
That is still the heartbeat of Life Action Ministries.

Byron Paulus, the Executive Director and President of Life Action Ministries today, recently shared these words:

"We can be at the right event. We can go to the right place. We can gather with the right people. But we can truly miss God. We can miss a glorious visitation."

I'll be praying during "Seek Week" that none of us will miss what God wants to do, and if you are reading this, I pray that this will be your prayer:
"Will you not revive us again, 
that your people may rejoice in you?"
(Psalm 85:6)

Let it begin with me.

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