Cry Out to God for America

I have long respected Alistair Begg's determination to preach and teach truth. As I read a post by him today (written 3-2-16), I am thankful someone is calling out for us to remember God in this whole election process.

It is God, in wisdom and might, who "removes kings and sets up kings," 

Perhaps He will allow fools to lead us 
because that is what we deserve 
for turning our backs on Him and His Word.

Or perhaps He will grant great mercy
in response to His people's cries.

One Cry is one ministry praying for a nationwide call for Spiritual Awakening.

I have been convicted all this week that I am not praying consistently for the Lord to move in our country.

That is changing today.

Check out some of the prayers going up from God's people who are calling out for revival. I have not added a request there yet, but I prayed in the car for a long time yesterday, weeping to the point that I almost couldn't see to drive.
We are to easily drawn to cursing the darkness, when we should be lighting "candles" of prayer.
Are you praying:
  • About the upcoming elections? 
  • About the candidates? 
  • About Christians' need for revival? 
  • About your own heart?
I encourage you to check out One Cry. Sign the "Declaration of National Spiritual Emergency." 

And pray. 

Remember Alistair's clarion call:
"If ever there was a time to pray
 for the overruling hand of providence
to save us from ourselves, 
it is surely now."

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