Meditation: God's 'Schoolroom'

Back to school gives many moms more "free time" (or at least, different strategies for using their time). I love this quote from Dr. David Jeremiah's Turning Point devotional, "Back to Your Future - Back to School" (9-3-16).

In the devotional, this scripture is quoted:

How can a young man cleanse his way? 
By taking heed according to Your word.
Psalm 119:9

That's not just for a young man - maybe a child going off to school - but also for the parents. We change as we "take heed" (pay attention to and obey) God's Word.

The devotional began with a description of Billy Graham's childhood experience of loving to go into a barn as a young man and listen to raindrops hitting the tin roof. It was in that quiet place, he says, that God shaped his character, and he is still in the habit of finding a quiet spot to talk to God.

Here is the part of the devotional God used to speak to me today:

As our children return to school this fall, let’s remember that God’s schoolroom is called meditation. It’s not enough just to read the Bible, or even simply to study it. We need to find quiet times to mull over its words, meditate on its verses, and ponder its truths. That’s what shapes our character. 
If you can’t find a barn with a tin roof, any quiet spot will do. Settle down, quiet yourself, be still, contemplate the Lord and His Word, and know that He is God.
By holy meditation the soul doth, as it were, breakfast with God every morning.
~ Thomas Watson, Puritan

I'm a busy, type A+ person, always on the move. Stopping to meditate is hard for me. And the distractions in our culture multiply as technology feeds us new forms of diversion (and in some cases, perversion.)

For me, personally, I've found a quiet time in our backyard jacuzzi early in the morning, meditating on a single scripture for 15 minutes, is a life-changer.

The important thing is: develop a strategy to get alone with the Lord.

What is your place and time for meditating on God's Word?

Graphic of school bus adapted, courtesy of Morguefile.

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