Inauguration Day - a New Beginning

Inauguration Day reflections: Someone asked where I stand on "unity" in America. I think we can be unified as Americans without having all the same experiences and even the same religious beliefs.

I personally believe we were founded as a Christian nation, but with arms open to others who do not agree in "The Land of the Free".

Americans should recognize three things: (1) God's blessings on our nation and our responsibility before Him; (2) The wisdom of the Constitution to guide our republic; and (3) Our responsibility to care for each other in love and compassion.

I am not big on rehashing the sins of our pastexcept to acknowledge and confess them. Dwelling in the past is not the way of wisdom. I believe that for all Administrations. We all need to learn from our mistakes and foolishness and seek God's wisdom to move forward effectively together.

Such unity can bring peace, even in the midst of strong disagreements. "Seek peace and pursue it" (Psalm 34:14). We may not always agree, but we can still be civil and try to understand other viewpoints, while holding true to our most cherished values. It's hard, but possible.

"Father God, help us."

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