Praying for the President's Wife

I have been praying for the President, because I believe that is biblicalalways have (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

But today I am also praying for President Trump's wife, just as I prayed for every President's wife. I remember how Michele was viciously called names. I hated that. Now it's Melania's turn, apparently.

We simply have little respect and grace these days.

Will you join me in prayer for Melania?

I am praying she knows Jesus (in other words, that she is not just religious), and if she doesn't know Him personally, she will come to know Him soon. That is the most important thing to me.
  • Out of that, I would pray for godly purity, strength, integrity, wisdom and kindness to reign in Melania's life.
  • I am praying for her as she mothers her son, and as a wifethat she will support the President and cultivate respect for him. 
  • This high calling has a tough learning curve. I am praying Melania will be humble and teachable, and especially receptive to the Word of God during these tough days. 
  • I am praying she will be a woman who models love to this nation that needs to understand what love looks like on so many levels these days. 
There are no perfect people. There is no perfect President or President's wife. So we must pray for our leaders.

Franklin Graham wrote in 2014:
"Prayer is the Christian's greatest weapon in a world that seems to be coming apart around us."
We need to pray for our leaders and their families and stop shredding them apart.

Graphic of Melania Trump from wikipedia.

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