America: "Seek the Lord and Live"

The prophet Amos carried a message of judgment to God's people, Israel, but with another message of hope.

As I read the words in Chapter 5, I'm struck by how many of these pronouncements could apply to my country today. 

"...many and great are your sins... you take bribes, you refuse justice to the poor... Be good, flee evil... Then the Lord God of Hosts will truly be your Helper, as you have claimed he is. ... remodel your courts into true halls of justice ... I hate your show and pretense--your hypocrisy of honoring' me ...Away with your hymns of praise--they are mere noise to my ears. I will not listen to your music, no matter how lovely it is. I want to see a mighty flood of justice--a torrent of doing good." (Amos 5:12-24, LB).

That's a lot to take in.

  • Many and great sins.
  • Bribery.
  • Not caring for the poor.
  • A court system that not always just.
  • Hypocrisy in God's people"show and pretense."

Sound like any country you know?

Yet repeatedly throughout this chapter we read words of hope: "seek the Lord."

  • "... Seek meand live." (v. 4)
  • "Seek the Lord and live..." (v. 6)
  • "Seek Him who created the Seven Stars and the constellation,Orion... The Lord, Jehovah, is His name." (v. 8)

I read these words in verse 15 soberly:

"Perhaps even yet the Lord of Hosts will have mercy...."

We need to pray for revival in this country.
We need to pray for revival in our churches.
We need to pray for revival in our families.
But we need to first pray for revival in our own hearts.

Watch the news.
Look at what's going on in the culture.
Don't be afraid to examine what's going on in your church.
Think about family sins and failures to teach our children the ways of the Lord.
Examine your own heart.

It's so apparent we are going down a foolish and dangerous road away from the Lord.

America, who knows if God will yet be merciful to us.

"Seek the Lord and Live."

Graphic adapted, courtesy of Lightstock

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